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Alumni and Friends of the School of International Arbitration (AFSIA)

Since 1985, The School of International Arbitration at Queen Mary, University of London (SIA) has promoted the law and practice of international arbitration via its teaching and research.

As a result, more than 2,000 students from over 80 countries all over the world have graduated from the SIA and many others have been closely involved with our activities.

The Alumni and Friends of the School of International Arbitration (AFSIA) was founded in June 2008 with the objective to bring all of these people together, to allow them to keep in touch with each other and the SIA and to create an invaluable network of people involved in the field of arbitration at every level and in every part of the world. Its inauguration was celebrated with a successful inaugural conference held in London on 3 December 2008 on issues of enforcement of arbitral awards.

In 2010, the AFSIA Steering Committee is streamlining its activities, coordinating the set up of national committees in various jurisdictions, and working on the expansion of the website. By doing so, AFSIA wishes to grow as an independent organization with close links to the SIA, to become an institute in the arbitration world that does justice to the SIA’s excellent reputation in the field.

AFSIA Steering Committee

In 2010 the AFSIA Steering Committee consists of:

  • Ms Clare Connellan, Associate at White & Case, London (UK)
  • Dr Sabine Konrad, Partner at KLGates, Paris (France)
  • Mr Paolo Esposito, Associate at Studio Legal Esposito, Napoli (Italy)
  • Dr Stavros Brekoulakis, Lecturer at the School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary, University of London, (UK)
  • Ms Vikki Rogers Director, Institute of International Commercial Law, Pace Law School, New York (USA)
  • Mr Maarten Draye (Chair) Associate at Hanotiau & van den Berg, Brussels (Belgium)
  • Mr John Rhie Partner at Kim & Chang, Seoul (S Korea)


Become a member

Becoming a member is easy. If you’re a graduate of the SIA or are/have been involved closely with the SIA, just fill out the downloadable form and send it back. To cover expenses related to the proper functioning of AFSIA (including the website, e-mail accounts and database), we will be collecting a membership fee of £25 for two years.

Get in touch

Please contact us with suggestions, queries or other issues by e-mail on [email protected]

Find the SIA/CCLS alumni group on Facebook.

The AFSIA website www.afsia.org


Alumni Members on graduation day at Queen Mary, University of London in December 2006

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Selected Profiles

Melike Tas, Attorney, Istanbul, LLM

Melike Tas

"After having studied law at Istanbul University, I was eager to complete my LLM degree in law. I was determined to be specialised in comparative and commercial law and following my research on this area, I was convinced that QMUL was the best option to apply for". read more...

Mauricio Gomm Santos, LLM

Mauricio Gomm Santos

"In 1992, as a law professor of Commercial Law at the Catholic University in the State of Parana, Brazil, I was graced with a scholarship from the British Council to attend a Master's Degree Program (LLM), at Queen Mary and Westfield College, with a special focus on international commercial arbitration. It turned out to be an outstanding personal and academic experience because QMW provided me with accurate tools to obtain a substantial knowledge regarding international arbitration, at the moment where a new arbitration bill was being sent to Brazilian Parliament. Since then, I have been involved with international arbitration, as counsel, arbitrator and law professor."

Judith Gill, Postgraduate Diploma

Judith Gill

"I attended the inaugural Diploma course in International Commercial Arbitration in the late 1980s. The course provided an excellent foundation for a professional career in international arbitration, focusing on the key elements of practice and procedure in international arbitration. What particularly distinguished the Diploma course was its international dimension, which is such an important feature of the subject for the practitioner, and the excellent teaching faculty, all of whom were experienced practitioners.".

Joseph Altendorff, LLM

Judith Gill

"I was attracted by the leading reputations of the two schools in which I wished to study. Those being the Queen Mary Institute for IP Research and the Queen Mary School of International Arbitration. I'm really pleased that I took the course and got a good degree. I would certainly do it again. I enjoyed writing and researching specific areas of interest and taking a more jurisprudential look at the law.".

John Rhie, Postgraduate Diploma

John Rhie

" I am currently a senior associate in the International Dispute Resolution Group of Mcdermott Will & Emery. I undertook the Post Graduate Diploma in Comparative International Commercial Arbitration and Investment Treaty Disputes at the School of International Arbitration ("SIA") in 2006 - 2007. This course was ideal for me for a number of reasons. First, I was able to do this course on a part-time basis whilst continuing to work at my firm. The lectures and tutorials were held in the evenings which fitted my work hours. Second, although currently my practice is focused on international arbitration (both commercial and investment treaty), I had trained and qualified as a solicitor at Herbert Smith where I focused on litigation. I felt this course was a perfect way to enhance my knowledge of arbitration that I may have lacked as I started my career as a litigator. Third, part of the course is a comparison of various arbitration acts and rules around the world which is incredibly helpful in advising clients as to the choices they may have in choosing the proper forum or laws in resolving their disputes or potential disputes. The course has met and sometimes exceeded my expectations and I certainly have a great deal more knowledge and understanding of international arbitration which has benfitted my practice as well as a great deal more friends that I met through the course".

Martin Goodman,SBM Offshore-Skarv Turret and Mooring System Project Manager,
Postgraduate Diploma(Distance Learning)


"I found the Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration (Distance Learning) to be an excellent course and a good investment of my time. The course is run by a knowledgeable team that have the ability to transmit their enthusiasm of the complex and extensive subject matter to their students. It provided me with a meaningful insight into the world of commercial arbitration which will stand me in good stead for my eventual future as an arbitrator. "

David Waddle MCIArb, Senior Consultant (Delay Expert)-Brewer Consulting Limited,
Postgraduate Diploma (Distance Learning)


"It may sound like a cliche but I found the course both rewarding and challenging; for me, obtaining my Diploma was made possible due to the quality of teaching and the helpfulness of the QM staff who were always on hand to provide guidance and support. I would recommend this course to anybody with an interest in International Dispute Resolution. "

Kamal Itani Hewlett-Packard, Commercial Contracts Middle East, Mediterranean & Africa,
Postgraduate Diploma (Distance Learning)


"25 years of experience in the middle east, I worked with well known multi-national companies including; Lucent Technologies, Textron Defense Systems,S ub to Bechtel Corp., Hewlett-Packard and others. I have dealt directly with end customers/employer contractors and subcontractors, the likes of major Telecom Co., IT companies, Ministries, and Government Agencies. Particularly for the past 9 years, I have actively worked in contract management and legal servcies functions including developing contracts/agreements, terms and conditions, negotiating contracts, advising internal clients on legal contracting matters with regards to risk management, limitation of liability, applicable laws, intellectual property, licensing and liquidated damages.
I found the programme to be truely comprehensive comparative arbitration program, effectively exploring with clarity the depth and breadth of the multiple arbitration institutions particularly the LCIA, ICC and UNCITRAL among others. "

Paul Taaggart, Manager International Contract Dept, Salini Costruttori S.p.A Postgraduate Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration (Distance Learning)


" This is highly regarded course by international standards. The material was cutting edge in the context of international commercial arbitration developments and extremly informative. The course also put much concerning my past experiences of arbitration and dispute resolution as a whole in context both academically and practically. It provide confidence through knowledge." "